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Expressionist Perception of Grenadian Art

Stacey Byer is a Grenadian abstract-expressionist who uses colorful, bold palettes and heavy brushstrokes to invoke the rich and colorful culture of the Caribbean. With her work she wants to change the perception that art in Grenada is only ornamental and commercial.

“I think painting beaches, boats and sunsets is fine, but you can be a Caribbean artist and do other things”, says Byer. “If I wake up in the morning and eat pancakes instead of bakes, that doesn’t make me less Caribbean. Art is like that too. I can do pancakes and still be Caribbean.”

Stacey Byer - Beauty

Stacey Byer is co-curator of the Women Make Art (WOMA) project, a groundbreaking recurring Grenadian event, featuring solely locally-based female artists. “The art scene here does not truly tell us who we are or might become, as very few of our artists question identity, individual or collective memory. Many of the works produced are for buyers who want images of colorful villages or markets.”

Stacey Byer has a BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. She currently concentrates on illustrating children’s books. Her paintings have been sold Barbados, Grenada, the USA, Europe and Asia.

The quotes in this article were taken form in an interview with Caribbean Beat back in 2012.
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