Caribbean Painters opens YouTube Channel

‘Daily Life in the Caribbean’ a short promo about the Caribbean Painters Project, went live over the weekend on a new channel on YouTube. The promo  shows a selection of paintings by various artists depicting daily life in the Caribbean. Ten other promos will follow this week.

The promos are part of a social media campaign to increase awareness and engagement for Caribbean Painters, a project which aims to challenge the world to discover, discuss and ultimately buy artwork from Caribbean Painters.

For the awareness campaign the ‘use #hashtag #CaribbeanPainters’ line was introduced on twitter. It urges people to use the hashtag throughout the day to admire unique masterpieces from the Caribbean. Tweets concentrate on creating a habit to use the hashtag, for example to use it as motivation to start your working day; to use it as inspiration during your lunch break; or to use it to entertain yourself during the weekend.

The Caribbean Painters project was launched just over a month ago and has gained 1,400 followers on Facebook and another 1,700 on Twitter so far. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are the newest additions to the project.

Caribbean Painters on Social Media:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. YouTube

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