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Sheldon Saint shows Bahamian Simplicity, Grace and Dignity

Sheldon Saint is a master in depicting every-day Bahamian life. His quiet, intimate settings are recognizable to anyone in the Caribbean. His subjects seem immersed in what they are doing, unaware of their surroundings. “They look like they have arrested time for their own purpose”, says Saint. “You know that they are not part of an affluent class of people, so you may want to rescue them, or envy them.”

Born in 1971 in Freeport, Bahamas, Saint is a self-taught artist who has been painting professionally for the last 20 years. He paints in oil, watercolors, egg-tempera and conté.

Simplicity, grace and dignity are the main themes of his work. “The colors I choose are not bold and often mimic the simple everyday life of my subjects”, says Saint. “My paintings remind us of the delicacy of our natural environment and how humankind co-mingles with it.”

Sheldon Saint has had several solo and group exhibitions in the Bahamas. His watercolors have been featured in magazines and in books. His work hangs in private collections in the Bahamas, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, China and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Caribbean Painters opens YouTube Channel

‘Daily Life in the Caribbean’ a short promo about the Caribbean Painters Project, went live over the weekend on a new channel on YouTube. The promo  shows a selection of paintings by various artists depicting daily life in the Caribbean. Ten other promos will follow this week.

The promos are part of a social media campaign to increase awareness and engagement for Caribbean Painters, a project which aims to challenge the world to discover, discuss and ultimately buy artwork from Caribbean Painters.

For the awareness campaign the ‘use #hashtag #CaribbeanPainters’ line was introduced on twitter. It urges people to use the hashtag throughout the day to admire unique masterpieces from the Caribbean. Tweets concentrate on creating a habit to use the hashtag, for example to use it as motivation to start your working day; to use it as inspiration during your lunch break; or to use it to entertain yourself during the weekend.

The Caribbean Painters project was launched just over a month ago and has gained 1,400 followers on Facebook and another 1,700 on Twitter so far. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are the newest additions to the project.

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